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Dec 24, 2011 6:00pm EST
at ravens stadium had all of their winter gear on. you will need it tonight. a storm is brewing in texas bringing snow to the western panhandle. it is unbelievable that is where it is selling rather than anywhere else in the country. bwi marshall has light wind out of the west. we will see mostly clear skies and dry for santa's sleigh. it will be in the 30's and the downtown area. the full forecast is coming up. >> the rush is on to get last- minute gifts under the tree. if you are a procrastinator, you are not alone. millions hit the malls today searching for the final gift to make the holiday break. >> it is the most wonderful time of the year -- unless you have not finished your christmas shopping. >> i woke up and was really nervous. i ran out the door and decided to put a target. >> the mad dash began before dawn at stores across this great land of ours. for some, there is a method to the small madness -- mall madness. >> chances are if you waited to the last minute, you will get terrific deals. >> this year, a small electronics are a big hit. air jordans are flying off the shelf. u
Dec 17, 2011 5:30pm PST
. >> nearly 8,000 miles away in ft. hood, texas the wait is almost over. 5-year-old scotty matthews, clutching his papa bear is counting the days. latasha green and children are counting the hours. >> our family will be complete. >> reporter: their soldier started the long trip home more than a week ago. james quarter, larry green and theron matthews, three men, 11 iraq tours between them. >> what has been lost here and what has been gained here is close to my heart. >> reporter: but as they left iraq, their thoughts were only on that one place, nearly $8,000 mi miles away. larry green hasn't seen any one of his three children, first step or heard their first words and now, after all of those years, all of those tours, the moment. 5-year-old scotty matthews, marked the days off on a calendar by his bed and every night, reading the book with his dad's photos in it. now, scott's dad is home to read the book to his son. the most simple of joy, being shared across the nation tonight by military families, who have sacrificed so much. martha raddatz, abc news, baghdad. >> a dad's kiss for his little
Dec 18, 2011 5:30pm PST
around the home. >>> at cowboys stadium in texas a freak accident after a high school football game. a runaway gulf cart plowed on the field. knocks coaches to the ground. a grounds keeper brought the car to a stop. two people are recovering from injuries tonight. >>> there is it still much more ahead here on "world news." in a season of holiday deals, a reality check on salt. how much do we eat in a year? this is eye opening. >>> the christmas nightmare in a parking lot. the woman who put our gifts in a car, turns out it wasn't her car? the christmas apb we are putting out tonight. and the american metal detectors buzzing this evening. what they found and where. and later tonight, coming home. mothers and fathers home for christmas. we'll be back. an investment opportunity you didn't see before. fidelity's next-generation ipad app lets you see what's trending around the world, as well as what over a million fidelity customers are trading throughout the day. and advanced charting lets you customize your views and set up your own comparisons. our ipad app can help refine your strateg
Dec 4, 2011 5:30pm PST
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Dec 24, 2011 5:30pm PST
to the mall was no problem for most americans christmas eve. drivers in texas and new mexico had to be extra careful. because of ice and snow. in most parts of the country, the weather cooperated and stayed calm today. >>> now politic, your voice, your vote. there's no active campaigning this weekend. but there's news, ugly exchanges about big words and big setback for newt gingrich who failed to qualify for the march primary ballot in virginia the state for which he lives. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: not making the virginia ballot sent perry and gingrich campaigns into attack mode. a failed system said the gingrich campaign. the perry staff consider an appeal. days ago gingrich posted this wouldn't happen. >> we'll be on the ballot in virginia. a poll came out today saying i'm winning. >> reporter: now no chance to pick up the state's 49 delegates. three other candidates can't try. only mitt romney and ron paul will be on the ballot. >> there will be a backlashing, you have to think, who is being served by a system that drives out or excludes 5/7 of the republicans in the field?
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)